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API Q1/Q2 certification consultancy services

The oil and gas sector in the Middle East is one of the major players towards the economy. It also drives the other sectors. Especially in Saudi Arabia, the oil and gas sector is the backbone of the economy. Also, one of the critical sectors when it comes to standardization. Global management consultancy provides the services of API Q1/Q2 certification consultancy services as one of its specialized expertise.


American petroleum institute is a global leader to establish, maintain and publish standards related to the oil and gas industry. These standards improves the overall performance of companies in oil and gas sector, in terms of their reliability, reduction in losses, reduction in defects, reduction of waste and improved customer satisfaction.


In addition, adapting to change is one of the difficult things in the corporate sector. However having tons of experience in dealing with various customers, our experts know well about the formula to develop a system. A system that is easy to adapt and merge conveniently with the existing quality management system of the company.


API Spec Q1 standard is specifically for the manufacturing sector of oil and gas to improve its quality management system. Moreover, API Q1 gives the minimum requirements to develop, maintain and implement a quality management system. Furthermore, experts in GMC provide customized API Q1/Q2 certification consultancy services which enable our valuable clients to conveniently meet and adopt the standard requirements and get maximum benefits.


API spec Q2 is developed for the critical services sector of oil and gas industry which is well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair, also maintenance, and inspection activities. API Q1 and Q2 standards improve the brand’s credibility and market reputation.


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