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ISO 45001 Standard Certification Consultant in Saudi Arabia

ISO develops this 45001 standard to optimize occupational health and safety management system. This standard replaces OHSAS 18001 and published in 2018. ISO gave a time frame to companies and organizations to upgrade their OHS management system from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001. Also, ISO 45001 standard certification consultant in Saudi Arabia will develop your system as per standard requirements.


We all know that workers are indeed an integral part of any organization. The rise and fall of success depend a lot on the employees of a company. Workers always look to have a safe work environment. So they can perform their day-to-day jobs in good peace of mind.


ISO 45001 standard consultant develops a system that minimizes the risk level against each potential hazard. This overall system will consider all activities and analysis will give the critical hazards to be treated on priority. Either through technology, training, or by applying certain regulations.


Workers are the real assets of any company. Especially the skilled employees with tons of experience gained after a number of years. All successful companies give utmost priority to the worker’s safety. Furthermore, they ensure that they are safe not even inside company but outside the company.


When we say work environment, then it includes all areas whether it’s a manufacturing site, an admin building, or even a workers residential camp. OHS management system analyzes all areas. For activities performed within these areas, our ISO 45001 standard consultants will analyze them and categorize them as critical, major, or minor hazards.


GMC is providing ISO 45001 standard consultancy in Saudi Arabia. Our ISO consultant will assist you to achieve the ultimate work environment with ISO 45001 standard implementation where workers and assets are operating in the safest possible way, and ultimately getting your company ISO 45001 certification.

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