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Supplier audit is one of the most critical and mandatory part of any ISO management standard. Supplier is always considered crucial in achieving the products/services quality. Global management consultancy offers ISO supplier audit services in Saudi Arabia. No company can achieve success unless they develop a good relationship with its suppliers. The selection of suppliers is an important factor because the wrong supplier will ultimately impact the company’s end products and services. Organizations can lose time, money, reputation, and even customer if the supplier is not delivering as per requirements.
ISO management system asks companies to select suppliers based on some defined criteria rather than selecting them only on prices. One should consider the supplier’s market reputation, quality of its services/products, credit facility, accessibility, and Price before start working with them.
On-site ISO supplier audit is the best practice to choose a supplier. Once we select supplier, We should evaluate them at regular intervals to check their performance. Like quality of delivered products, rejection rate, response time, effective communication, etc.
If the supplier achieves a minimum acceptance level then we will keep them on the supplier’s list. Otherwise, we should give them warnings along with performance evaluation reports. This will give them a chance to improve themselves and comply with the gaps which we highlight to retain themselves in active supplier’s list.
All well-known companies conduct on site audits of their suppliers to ensure that their processes are accurate. They got the capability to meet client’s standards, requirements and expectations.
GMC conducts well-planned ISO supplier audits in Saudi Arabia and other countries on behalf of its customers. We share a detailed audit report with our customers about the outcomes of the supplier audit. This helps them to know the insight of their supplier’s processes.
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