Top Consultants for ISO Standards in Saudi Arabia

ISO 17025 standard certification consultants in Saudi Arabia

This standard from the ISO family is one of the prestigious and widely acknowledged standard to provide formal recognition to competent testing and calibration laboratories. Also, this is developed jointly by ISO and the international electrotechnical commission (IEC). Our ISO 17025 standard certification consultants in Saudi Arabia are expert to develop and train the personnel’s to effectively implement this management system.


Furthermore, 17025 standard provides a complete management system to the laboratories to cover both management and technical part. All requirements to ensure that a laboratory (irrespective of its size or nature of business) is producing consistent testing/calibration results, under competent staff, and ensuring impartiality.


Moreover, Accreditation under 17025 gives confidence to the customers that the laboratory is reliable. Moreover, laboratory accreditation ensures technical competency of staff, validation of test methods, traceability, maintenance of test equipment, testing environment, Sampling procedure, and handling/ transportation of test items.


17025 management system test the competence of the laboratory in various methods like proficiency testing or inter-laboratory comparison. This proves their overall technical competency. Laboratories also get to know through 17025 that if the work they are performing is correct and comply with appropriate standards. Accordingly, they can set their benchmarks for continual improvement.


Accreditation with 17025 is also an excellent marketing tool with local and international recognition as a competent testing and calibration laboratory. After accreditation, the lab can be traced through a proper channel of ILAC —APLAC— Accreditation body—Laboratory.


Our ISO 17025 standard consultants covers the project in following phases.


  • The decision by top management
  • Communicate within laboratory         
  • Quality Team nomination         
  • Gap Analysis under 17025
  • Staff Training          
  • System development          
  • Training of internal auditors         
  • System implementation          
  •  Cycles of internal audit          
  • Management review meeting
  • finalization of the documented system from laboratory staff         
  • Apply to the accreditation body.  
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