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ISO 28001 Standard Certification Consultancy in Saudi Arabia

Supply chain is a key process within a company. ISO 28001 provides a complete framework for supply chain safety management system. Under GMC, we have experts for ISO 28001 standard certification consultancy in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

 Supply chain disruption can disturb overall processes inside an organization. Whether it’s a manufacturing company or a service provider, efficient supply chain management system plays an important role in delivering quality products or services.

Imagine a delay in shipment of raw materials for a manufacturing company. The production will delay automatically, and same goes for final delivery of products to the customer. If a contracting company under a shutdown job come across with delay in shipments then overall project deliverables will suffer. Company can face penalties from the end user in case of delay in project completion. Our consultants for ISO 28001 knows well how to get maximum results while implementing this supply chain safety management system.

We can apply ISO 28001 irrespective of organization size or type, whether it’s a manufacturing unit, service provider or an independent logistics company. Organizations can get independent certification of ISO 28001 for their supply chain management system. We can apply this standard as alone or merge with other international standards like ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. This will combine to form an integrated management system.

Implementation of ISO 28001 brings remarkable changes in a supply chain management system. Also, it will reduce the potential risks of security incident and supply chain process is evolved as a smooth provider of products and services. It overall improves the performance of supply chain and reduce regulations costs and improved brand credibility. It is also gives a good competitive edge.

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