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HACCP Certification in Saudi Arabia

A food chain is one of the critical and most important chain in any manufacturing sector. This is because we cannot afford to have any contaminants in a food chain. This can disturb the overall food content and its nutrition. Companies apply various international standards to manage and keep a good food safety process. Our experts for HACCP are qualified to apply the suitable controls and do the hazard analysis, to enable organizations to get HACCP certification in Saudi Arabia and other countries.


Through HACCP implementation, we can find, define, evaluate, and categorize the potentials hazards in a food chain. We analyze all activities involved in a particular food process by applying different methods like fishbone to identify potential hazards. All routine, non-routine activities, Raw material handling and storage, Food packing, Staff hygiene, building, ventilation, storage conditions, and final transportation of finished food products. Through HACCP, we analyze all activities to identify potential hazards.


Once we identify hazards, we categorize them based on their criticality and probability. The critical and major hazards are listed and we apply the preventive measures to minimize the risk level. We check the effectiveness of these corrective actions and evaluate their results to finally customize the best possible one.


Along with hazard control, HACCP allows organizations to define the critical control points throughout the food chain. Examples of these controls are temperature, humidity, or any specific condition which is necessary to maintain the food quality. Also, the minimum and maximum range is define for these control points and we apply actions to maintain those control limits within safe limits. A good example is the installation of chillers in a food storage room.


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