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ISO Internal Audit Experts

ISO Internal Audit Experts

Internal audit is one of the mandatory requirements in each ISO management standard. Internal audit teams conduct these audits in an organization. First, they develop the required competency and learn the methodology to plan and conduct these audits. ISO internal audit experts are the persons who act like system inspectors to find the gaps in a management system. Also, they highlight those gaps in an organized manner and share them with the stakeholders.

Internal audit is a best tool to know the health of any management standard. Considering the impartiality factor while doing the auditors selection is a critical part of audit planning. To avoid compromising the audit results, it is necessary that the auditors are impartial.

Internal audit experts will share the results with the top management in regular management review meetings. Top management will provide necessary resources to close those gaps. This is how organizations ensure their commitment to the continual improvement factor.

GMC encourages its customers to perform internal audits by their own team once they are competent and know the audit methodology. However, in order to support our customers, we also provide internal audit services as a third party where our ISO internal audit experts will audit your system. They will plan your audit program, develop an audit schedule based on the auditee’s availability.

During an internal audit, our ISO audit experts will engage your audit team members and will train them on audit techniques. This will give your internal auditors hands-on experience and they will be able to conduct the audit on their own in the future.

We also have a training program in place to train the auditors on internal audits. We provide internal auditing for all of the ISO standards including API Q1/Q2.

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