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ISO 39001 Standard Certification Consultant in Saudi Arabia

The world population is increasing every single second. Migration to other cities is getting higher where people want to have improved living standards. Also, more populated cities mean more traffic on the roads which leads to the risk of a higher number of accidents. ISO 39001 is generally for improving the road traffic safety management system. Our ISO 39001 standard certification consultant in Saudi Arabia are experts to develop, implement and train people on these standard requirements.


Employees are the assets or backbone of any company. Therefore, ensuring their safety is one of the top most priority for companies. Imagine the consequences of losing a CEO or GM in a car accident. In addition, the company will suffer in every aspect whether it’s a financial position, its credibility, or even overall stability in the company.


It is evident from the figures that road accidents are killing more people than most deadly diseases. Furthermore, there are international rules and regulations in place to educate people on road safety and minimize accidents.


All big companies consider road safety awareness as part of their overall health and safety management system. Awareness campaigns, seminars, training are conducted to teach employees about road safety rules and best practices. Some of the companies even install trackers and speed monitoring/controlling devices to ensure that employees are driving with safe limits.


ISO 39001 provides a complete framework and guidelines to develop, implement, maintain and continually improve road traffic safety management system. This system will put controls over potential risks.


Companies certified with ISO 39001 enjoy countless benefits. This includes improved RTS performance, Minimize the risk of road accidents, Good attendance from employees, reduce insurance premiums and repair bills


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